PROJECT NAME: Vulnerable Group Development (VGD)

Background of Project:

UNNAYAN has undertaken Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) project in 2019 and 2020 Cycle funded by Women Affairs Ministry of Bangladesh in Terokhada Upazila under Khulna district.

Goal of the Project:

Development of ultra-poor women under Development package through IGA and life scale training;

Development Partner:

Women Affairs Ministry


2011 to Ongoing


District: Khulna; Upazila: Digolia; Year: 2018-ongoing; (Previous-Upazila: Digolia; Year: 2017-18; Upazila: Dumuria and Paikgacha; Union: 24 Unions; Year: 2015-16; Upazila: Koyra; Union: 7 Union: Year: 2013-14)


1995 women and girls received health, IGA, entrepreneurship and risk management training during natural disaster which enhance climate resilience;

Budget 2019-2020 Cycle:

1695750 BDT

    Activities of the Project:

    A. Life Skill Training:

    • Personal Hygiene and cleanliness
    • Natural Disaster, Risk management and Climate Change
    • Mother and Child Health
    • Food and Nutrition
    • Women Empowerment
    • HIV AIDS and Drug Prevention

    B. Income Generating Activities:

    • Entrepreneurship Development Training (Mandatory to all Beneficiaries)
    • Local breeds Hen and Duck Rearing
    • Vegetable gardening in the courtyard
    • Cow and Goat Rearing

    Objectives of the Project:

    • To encourage and ensure of opening savings account
    • Training on Vegetable cultivation in homestead area
    • Training on Personal health care and cleanliness
    • Training on Entrepreneurship Development
    • Training on Mother and child health
    • Training on Food and nutrition
    • Training on Domestic hen and duck rearing

    UNNAYAN has been making-

    • Linkage with local NGOs to encourage
    • Develop women entrepreneurship
    • Opening savings account