Background of the Program:

UNNAYAN as a rapidly expanding development organization strongly emphasizes training for human resource development and transfer of management skills to the community level. UNNAYAN conducts different training courses on the basis of needs assessed by all divisions, programs, projects and beneficiary levels. UNNAYAN provides training for the beneficiaries and staffs to enhance the capacity of different development issues. UNNAYAN has a skilled and expert pool of trainer to conduct the training.

Objective of the Programme:

  • Enhance skills and capacity of the staff of UNNAYAN;
  • Enhance skill and capacity of the women, divorced women and widows;
  • Enhance the skill of the vulnerable and poor children by providing vocational training of the project area;
  • Involve the vulnerable people of the project area under income generation activities and make them self-employment;
  • Create the opportunity of self-employment by providing skill development training to the vulnerable people in the project area;
  • Develop the lifestyle of vulnerable people by positive changing of their practical life;
  • Raise awareness for changing and learning processes in organizations;
  • Develop confidence and better understanding to deal with conflict situation.