UNNAYAN has expanded its activities throughout the country. The organization implements its different programs/projects through Zonal, Area and Branch offices established over the country. Zonal area and Branch offices (working areas) of UNNAYAN are:


Branch Name and Code


Upazila/ Thana


1 Rupsha Branch -01

Vill- Aichgati, Thana- Rupsha, Khulna

Rupsha Khulna
2. Batiaghata Branch -02 26/1, Sher-e-Bangla Road, Khulna-9100 Khulna Sadar Khulna
3. Khulna Nagar Branch – 03

19/1, B.K.Roy Road, Dall Mill Moor, Khulna

Sonadanga Khulna
4. Khulna Branch – 04 26/1, Sher-e-Bangla Road, Khulna-9100 Khulna Sadar Khulna
5. Khalishpur Branch – 05

Plot # 10, Road # 103, South East Block, Housing Estate, Khalishpur

Khalishpur Khulna
6. Sahpur Branch – 07 Sahpur Bazar, Dumuria, Khulna Dumuria Khulna
7. Sachibunia Branch – 15

Sachibunia, 01 no. Jalma Union, Batiaghata, Khulna

Batiaghata Khulna
8. Jalma Branch – 16

Chakrakhali Bazar, 01 no. Jalma Union, Batiaghata, Khulna

Batiaghata Khulna
9. Koya Bazar Branch– 17

Beside the Petrol Pump, Koya Bazar, Batiaghata, Khulna

Batiaghata Khulna
10. Sobujpalli Branch – 18

Sobujpalli, Mohammad Nagor, 01 No. JalmaUnionBatiaghata, Khulna

Batiaghata Khulna
11. Banda bazar Branch–19

Village: Araji Dumuria; P.O.: Sajiara; Upazila: Dumuria; District: Khulna

Dumuria Khulna
12. Digholia Branch- 20 Deara, Digholia, Khulna Digholia Khulna
13. Kazdia Branch- 22 Kazdia, Rupsha, Khulna Rupsha Khulna
14. Fulbarigate Branch- 23 Fulbarigate, Khulna Khanjahan Ali Khulna
15. Fakirhat Branch – 08 Vill: Attaki, P.S: Fakirhat, Bagerhat Fakirhat Bagerhat
16. Betaga Branch – 09 Betaga Bazar, Fakirhat, Bagerhat Fakirhat Bagerhat
17. Faltita Branch -21 Faltita, Fakirhat, Bagerhat Fakirhat Bagerhat
18. Satkhira Branch – 06 North Polashpoll, Chourongir moor, Satkhira SatkhiraSadar Satkhira
19. Assashuni Branch – 13 Assashuni, Sadar,Satkhira Assashuni Satkhira
20. Shovnali Branch – 14 Champapur Bazar, Kalibari moor, Shovnali, Assashuni, Satkhira Assashuni Satkhira
21. Kusulia Branch – 10 Mahatpur, Kaligonj, Satkhira Kaligonj Satkhira
22. Bisnopur Branch – 11 Bisnopur, Back side of Union parishod office, Kaligonj, Satkhira Kaligonj Satkhira
23. Moutala Branch – 12 Moutala Bazar, Kaligonj, Satkhira Kaligonj Satkhira
24. Noapara Branch – 24 Buikora, Noapara, Jashore Abhoynagar Jashore
25. VGD Project Office Terokhada, Khulna Terokhada Khulna
26. ENRICH Project Office Village: Banda; Post: Ghona; Upazila: Dumuria, Khulna Dumuria Khulna
27. Hazibunia Office-ENRICH Village: Hajibunia; P.O.: Kanchonnagor; Upazila: Dumuria; District: Khulna Dumuria Khulna
28. Terokhada Branch Village and P.O.: Terokhada; Terokhada, Khulna Terokhada Khulna
29. Ajogora Branch Village: Vujuria; P.O.: Ajogara; Upazila: Terokhada, Khulna Terokhada Khulna
30. Nalta Branch Village: Nalta Choumuhoni; P.O.: Nalta Mubarak Nagor; P.O.: Kaligonj; Satkhira Kaligonj Satkhira
31. Champaful Branch Champaful Bazar; P.O: Champaful; Upazila: Kaligonj; District: Satkhira Kaligonj Satkhira
32. Budhata Branch Village: Budhata; P.O.: Budhata; Upazila: Assasuni; Satkhira Assasuni Satkhira
33. Nurnagor Branch Village: Uttar Hazipur; P.O.: Nurnagor; Upazila: Shyamnagor; Satkhira Shyamnagor Satkhira