During home visit by the Health Worker of MCHCP, the beneficiary came to know in details about the activities of the ENRICH project. On the other hand, one of the health centers is situated near the home of the beneficiary. The beneficiary also visited the health centre and became familiar with the actions of the project. By this way, the beneficiary gets involved with the health centre and taken the support and health services.The family consists of four members and the head of the family (husband of beneficiary) is a Salesman of a Fruit Shop and monthly income of the family is BDT 2000 to BDT 2300 which is too low to maintain a family considering the present context. It is very difficult for the family to meet up the basic needs including nutritious food, accommodation, health and education. So, it was really very hard to them to bear the expenses related to health and education. Basically, the family was needed health support as well as income generation support.

At first, the health worker visited Nargis Khatuns home and enlisted as pregnant women and invited her to come to the health centre for enjoying health facilities. In the following day, she came to Sethpur Ward Heath Center and became familiar with all the services and she got inspiration after knowing the services and registered herself as a pregnant woman. Her registration number is 305. After getting registration, she enjoyed all sorts of antenatal care from the ward health center and other outreach services. Now she regularly receives pregnancy care and necessary health advices from the ward health center of Sethpur. She also attended courtyard meeting in her area. Nurse, health worker and TBA are checking her and giving necessary advices, medicines as per schedule. Weight, height, BP, anemia, diabetic, Edema and position of the baby were checked during the antenatal care. She already completed 1st and 2nd Anti-natal care visit from the health center. At this stage, the family needs proper food and nutrition support particularly during the pregnancy period which is very difficult to manage it by them. The project could not provide such food and nutrition support due to limitations but the project taught them on vegetable gardening, poultry farming that might be helpful for them to meet the nutritious food. The project is only providing health support. So, the food and nutrition support is needed immediately. After visiting the house of Nargis Khatun and her family, the project found that the health workers are working properly to improve the health condition of pregnant women and children in this area. The beneficiary also received primary health supports from the health center.

  1. i) During the pregnancy period, proper food and nutrition supports are needed because the rural women cannot be provided proper nutrition support from their family due to their poverty and low income and as because the underweight children are born.
  2. ii) Medical Officer and Diploma nurses is very much needed to run the programme in appropriately. Sometimes the health workers cannot provide proper consultation and medical care of the pregnant women while it is complicated cases.